The curtain has been pulled back! The 2021 Super Bowl half time Ritual.

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In 2008 I was watching the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. There were hundreds of dancers dressed exactly alike, making the exact same movements, in perfect timing. No one stood out. Everyone looked and danced exactly the same.
As I was watching, the Spirit of God spoke to me clearly. And I will never forget the moment! He said, “THAT IS GOG”! I knew God spoke to me but I had no idea what he meant. So I started my journey to find out what GOG is and tonight I am going to briefly explain it to you.
In Ezekiel 38:2 GOG is the Chief Prince of the land of Magog who leads the final invasion against Israel. I can prove in many ways that this is an Old Testament reference to Armageddon. The term “Chief Prince” only appears twice in the Bible. Once in reference Michael, the Chief Prince (Daniel 12:1) and once in reference to GOG in Ezekiel 38:2.

Long story short, GOG is a demonic principality with an ideology finding its launching place in the land of Magog or the former Soviet Union. It is the Demon behind collectivism. Collectivism puts the group or the State over the individual. Individualism is what America was built on. Collectivism is what Communist countries are built on. This Demonic spirit of Communism has now infected the entire world and its primary spreader is China. The ideals of collectivist/communist China is GOG! It will eventually dominate the entire world. How do I know this? Because God calls the nations in the four corners of the earth “GOG and MAGOG” in Revelation 20:8.

What you saw tonight during the half time show was the demonic principality GOG in America. It is the driving spirit that works with the spirit of Antichrist to deceive the people of the world into becoming one. United as ONE against Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ.
This demon believes it now has total control of the United States. I believe he is wrong! Because I believe the United States is the sanctuary for believers in the last days before Christ return. It’s called “the wilderness” in Revelation 12:6 and 14. The Dragon/Satan is using GOG to devour America before it can become what God intends. He will lose this fight. (Revelation 12:13-17)

What I have written tonight is some of the deepest revelation into End Time prophesy you will ever read. But I have seen these truths and I cannot be shaken from them. America will remain the sanctuary for believers in Christ and it will be the launching pad to the four corners of the earth to reach the greatest harvest of souls in the history of the world. It was dedicated in 1607 by pastor Robert Hunt to do just that. (See also Mathew 24:14, Mathew 13:39, Revelation 7:9 and 14).

It is my strong conviction that GOG is about to lose his grip on America. God is getting ready to shake things up. The world will be shocked by what is about to happen! God’s harvest is coming! And judgement is coming on those who have set themselves against God’s natural order.

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