Defend Decency

Defend Decency

No one should be forcefully subjected to graphic or indecent images displayed in public spaces. Instead, we should support positive, uplifting and wholesome art that promotes American ideals and is in line with Christian values.

Why should I have to look at this?

You shouldn’t. You have a right to not be subjected to obscenities on television and radio. Public spaces should have the same protections in place. If it raises questions too uncomfortable or inappropriate to explain to a five year old, it should not be prominently displayed in a public space.

Become a Defender of Decency

Stand up for morality and take action in your community. If you have seen offensive art or inappropriate displays in public places, you can take steps to have it removed and make a difference in your community.

Identify Offensive Displays

Have you walked through a public space and noticed obscene, indecent or profane content or subject matter prominently displayed? Whether it is obscene art, museums that glorify violent crimes, or billboards that promote immoral values, you can take action to have it removed from your community.

Request Removal

Identify the owner of the building, billboard or space where the inappropriate display exists and ask for it to be removed. Sometimes a polite request is all it takes. After all, the owner is likely a neighbor who lives in and cares about your community.

If the private owner will not remove it or if it is on public land, contact your local community leaders to ask them to step in.

Raise Awareness

Talk to your neighbors and friends. Encourage them to stand up with your to defend your ideals and protect your community. Starting a petition is a great way to get your community engaged in the removal of inappropriate displays or efforts to promote more positive art. Thanks to, starting a petition is quick and easy.

Community Resources

Stand up for Christian values and protect public spaces in your community. To help make it easier to get started, we have provided a few resources. These are generic materials designed to help launch efforts within your local community. Downloadable letters and petitions are provided for you to customize and tailor to your community.

Write a Letter

Contacting the property owner where the inappropriate material is being displayed is the bast place to start. Clearly communicating and explaining your concerns may be enough for the owner to remove the offensive material.

Sample Petition

If a letter does not do the job, get your community involved. Create a petition on and invite friends and neighbors to sign. Be sure to include details that speak to your community and clearly explain the concerns and reasons the material should be removed.

Do As Christ Would Do

While we are eager to see obscenities and  vulgarity removed from public spaces in communities across the country, we do not support or condone the destruction or defacement of any building, sculpture or display. Instead, we call on our neighbors take action the way Christ would. Let our actions speak as loud as our words. When we work as a united community, we can remove indecent displays the right way and promote wholesome, moral art.

Contact Us

Have you started a petition to remove inappropriate or offensive art from your community? Send us a message about your petition along with a link so we can ad it to our list of petitions.

Get in touch with us to share your stories, concerns and support for creating wholesome spaces and protecting Christian values.