Protecting Public Spaces from the Obscene

Outrageous and Indecent Art is Damaging Our Communities

Whether commissioned as a mural or independent street art, obscene designs and illustrations are more than just a blemish. When we allow the obscene and vulgar to be prominently displayed in public spaces, we are harming families and devaluing these places.

"We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God." - 2 Corinthians 10:5

No one should be forcefully subjected to graphic or indecent images. Instead, we should support positive, uplifting and wholesome art that brings out the best in our communities.

Speak the Truth in Love

We do not support or condone the destruction or defacement of any building or display. Instead, we call on our neighbors take action the way Christ would. Let us come together as a community to promote wholesome art and remove indecent displays the right way.

Right to Decency

The 1st Amendment protects freedom of expression, but even it recognizes obscenity is an exception to the rule. Citizens have a right to be protected from indecent art.

Protect Our Children

Families and young children should not be forcibly exposed to negative, graphic and inappropriate images. These types of displays should have no place in public areas.

Power of Positivity

Science has proven positive thinking and affirmations can reduce stress and promote mental health. Public spaces should be used to promote wellbeing, not undermine it

Promote American Ideals with Positive Art

Identify Offensive Displays

Whether it is obscene art, museums that glorify violent crimes, or billboards that promote immoral values, you can take action to have it removed from your community.

Request Removal

Identify the owner of the building, billboard or space where the inappropriate display exists. If the private owner will not remove it or if it is on public land, contact your local community leaders to ask them to step in.

Raise Awareness

Encourage others to stand up for their ideals and protect their communities. Starting a petition is a great way to get your community engaged in the removal of inappropriate displays or efforts to promote more positive art.

Protecting Decency in Our Communities

We believe public art adds value to our communities and culture. Art can uplift a community, foster pride, enrich the culture and create a strong sense of identity.

We support public art and attractions that convey a positive message and promote respect, integrity, love, morality and positive ideals. Obscene, vulgar and indecent displays that promote crime, violence or sin disparage our communities and should be removed from public spaces.

Take Action the Right Way

While we strongly support the removal of inappropriate displays, we believe it should be done the right way and through legal channels with respect for the owner and our neighbors. We do not support acts of vandalism or defacing art, billboards or property of any kind.

I’ll Know It When I See It

We understand art is subjective, but we also believe individuals should feel protected from the obscene while in public spaces. As a society, we understand the need to regulate television and radio with regulations like the Safe Harbor Hours. Public spaces should be given the same protections and subjected to the same regulations that limit indecency and vulgarity.