Help Restore the American Indian Name of Devil’s Tower to Bear’s Lodge National Monument

Devils Tower

The name Devil’s Tower is the result of a poorly translated native name for the iconic butte. The rock formation, found in the Bear Lodge Ranger District of the Black Hills, is regarded as one of Earth’s most impressive geological features. It existed long before American expeditions began.

While the name varied between tribes with names such as Bear’s Lodge, Bear’s House, Home of Bears, Great Gray Horn and Aloft on a Rock, none of these are even remotely close to the current name of Devils Tower.

Referring to this sacred land with the devil’s name is tantamount to defacing religious symbols. Such an offense would not be tolerated elsewhere and it should not be tolerated here. We feel strongly the name should be restored to its true original name, given to it by American Indians long before it was “discovered” by Colonel Richard Irving Dodge.

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Having a National Monument named for the devil and visited by thousands of individuals, including young children, is as un-American as it is un-Christian. Promoting the celebration of evil by naming such a proud and historic geologic structure for the devil is unacceptable and does not represent the strong morals and ideals our country stands for.

We understand the importance of history and the preservation of the stories from explorers and historical figures, but continuing to use the name Devils Tower because of a poor translation from 1875 is foolish.

Join us in asking that the National Park Service and the United States government give our request and concerns serious consideration and begin efforts to restore the true name of Devils Tower by renaming it Bear’s Lodge.

Tell NPS to Remove the Name Devil’s Tower

Tell National Park Services and the Department of the Interior correct a long-standing error and restore the rightful American Indian name of Bear’s Lodge.

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