Four Famous People Who Made a Deal With the Devil

In this week’s episode of Paranormal Witness, we saw that video games can lead to unholy pacts with the Prince of Darkness himself. Really, whatever happened to the Godlike days of Pac-Man and Berzerk?

Deals with the Devil are nothing new. Here are four people from various points in history who signed on the dotted line … in their BLOOD.

  1. Johan Georg Faust


  1. This 16th century German astrologer and alchemist was an intelligent and successful man, but this wasn’t enough for him; he wanted supreme power and knowledge and called upon the Devil to provide him with it … in return for his soul. For 16 years he enjoyed his newfound power before he attempted to back out of the agreement. However, the Devil convinced him to renew the pact knowing that upon his death Faust’s soul will reside for eternity in Hell.

    After 24 long years, the Devil announced to Faust that his death was approaching. A huge explosion was heard from Faust’s room that night, which was believed to be the act of Satan reclaiming Faust’s soul. The only thing remaining from the eruption was bits and pieces of Faust’s body.
  2. Robert Johnson


  1. The famous blues musician was believed to have made a deal with the Devil in return for mastery of the guitar. The story goes that at the age of 18, unable to play the instrument, Johnson mysteriously disappeared, only to reappear as a master musician. It is said that the classic blues song “Crossroads” depicts the location in Mississippi where he made this pact.

    Johnson died in 1938 at the age of 27, which would become a rather notorious age for musicians who died young (Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain …)
  2. Oliver Cromwell

  1. This 17th Century political leader is thought to have made a deal with the Devil in return for a rise to power and unequalled success on the battlefield. On the night that he died, a huge storm swept across the country; many believed that this was the Devil coming to claim Cromwell’s soul.
  2. Niccolo Paganini

  1. This 18th century musician is one of the most famous violinists and composers in history. However, legend has it that his skill was born from a deal his mother made with the Devil when he was just six years old. Pagnani did not shy away from these rumors and was adored and feared by all that knew him.

    When Pagnani died, no church would take his body and as a result he was left with no firm resting place for 36 years … kind of a big deal for a Catholic.
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