Communism is an “evil religion” seeking to undermine American society

Communism is an “evil religion” seeking to undermine American society, according to anti-communist activist and researcher Trevor Loudon.

“They [communists] say they’re atheists, but really, they’re supporting Satan,” Loudoun recently told EpochTV’s “China Insider” program. Loudon is also a contributor to The Epoch Times and hosts the “CounterPunch” program on EpochTV.

This is because Satan’s mission is to overturn three institutions bestowed by God to govern humankind—family, church and civil government, he added.

“It is the revolution of overthrowing all those godly institutions and replacing them with satanic communist institutions,” Loudon said.

Speaking about his new film “Enemies Within the Churches,” the communism expert said that socialists figured out how to bring down America from within after conducting a 10-year study. Through this research, they realized that it was not the military nor the political system that bolstered the United States, but religion.

“They think it’s the religion, it’s Christianity, that is the strength, the moral strength of America, and it is the Christian ethic that has made America as great and strong as it is,” Loudon said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, on Feb. 25.

That finding led to their decision to focus on infiltrating churches across the country, to get inside and weaken them. Through this, according to Loudon, they could achieve the ultimate goal of subverting religion.

Communism seeks to destroy people’s faith in God and suppress people who believe in God, he said. “They have to do that in order to replace that with their form of God—which is government.”

And consequently, people would seek guidance in the civil government, rather than in God or in religion.


According to Loudon, communists work to spread their propaganda from inside the churches.

“This propaganda is being deliberately pumped into the churches, especially into the Bible colleges, that are training the new level of pastors, and the young pastors are pumping this into the young kids to turn the churches socialist,” he said.

He singled out Black Lives Matter as an example.

“Black Lives Matter is a communist Chinese operation. But you have pastors all over the country supporting it because they think it’s somehow Christian,” he said.

“They’ve [pastors] been sold Marxism as Christian: ‘Jesus was a socialist, Jesus believed in charity. So, therefore, we should support socialist government programs.’”

Further, critical race theory, which Loudon described as a doctrine that “basically talks about Marxism in terms of race, rather than class,” is also finding its way into American churches, the expert said.

The spread of the Marxist-underpinned “woke movement” into all segments of American society, including in religion to create “woke churches”, echoed what happened in communist China decades ago during the Cultural Revolution, according to Loudon.

“They would get all people in mass, and they would put somebody up and put a sign around their neck ‘capitalist,’ because their father owned a business or a farm, and everybody would revile that person,” he said.

“This was to raise the people’s consciousness of class issues.”

The woke movement of today, meanwhile, seeks to “raise people’s consciousness of class and race and gender differences and political repression and American racism,” Loudon said.

“It is communist-style brainwashing, Maoist brainwashing, applied to race and class in the churches. It’s the same as what the Chinese Communist did.”

Loudon noted that in order to tempt Americans into their trap, communists appeal to them with idealistic goals.

“They don’t say, ‘we’re going to set up a system where you’re going to go to the gulags if you don’t agree with us.’ They don’t tell you they’re going to the takeaway your land, they’re going to indoctrin ate your children,” he said.

Instead, their message is: “we’re here going to give you bread, we’re going to give you peace, we’re going to give you land.”

And for minorities, they offer to “equalize America, to take away racism for them,” he added.

Loudon said his new film “Enemies Within the Churches” seeks to help people differentiate between real Christinary and counterfeit communist Christianity. And with this awareness, the tide may begin to turn.

“We need to bring the backbone of this country back to save this country,” he said.

“Because if we lose the church, we lose the country. If we lose America, we lose freedom all over the world.”

David Zhang

David Zhang is the host of China Insider on EpochTV. He is currently based in New York and Washington DC covering China-related news. He focuses on expert interviews and news commentary on China affairs, especially issues regarding the U.S.–China relationship.

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